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English media vs. Edin Dzeko - humble, modest, ultimate team-player!

"I wanted to try to make an assist for him but I didn't have a chance"
In last few months, contempt and slanderous attacks on Edin Dzeko in English tabloid media are more ferocious then ever before. I will mention but won't wast too much of my time and effort on xenophobe scribbler from Bleacher Report called Rob Pollard, whose lack of objectivity, ethnic and cultural pride and prejudices utterly influencing his biased scribbles against Edin, in which he shows amazing consistency, and which now interestingly begin to extend to yet another Bosnian footballer, Asmir Begović ! Dzeko was accused of being all kind of shits, from being immodest, proud, arrogant, disrespectful, to being lazy and inept, unskilled, etc. - among all this, he was even accused as being selfish player !?!

This Pollard character made Bosnians go completely nuts over his recent rant on Edin Dzeko in Bleacher report in article "City should have no fear selling Dzeko to Arsenal", and republished in Daily Mail (or Sun or Mirror, doesn't matter). Bosnian on-line community, and especially Bosnian on-line football magazines, often lead by semi-literate people, think of Pollard as if guy is some journalistic messiah. But one just need to visit Bleacher Report, and read through his ramblings on Dzeko, and from recently on Begovic, very fast, and then carefully read through the comments made by readers and Pollard himself, as he enjoys debating with his audience. There you'll find something very interesting - these comments of his offer telltale clues for his attitude toward Edin Dzeko.

Rob Pollard is not Jonathan Wilson, for crying out loud people !

Rob Pollard, is not objective observer nor writer, and if it's allowed and even expected from average Man City and football fan to let loose his/her objectivity, for someone pretending to be objective analyst-columnist of sport thats worst possible thing. His analyses are long and beautiful, but poisoned with his emotions (mostly contempt) for the subject of that "analysis", because of which they are completely pointless and/or utterly erroneous, not to mention slanderous.
Thing is, in case of Edin Dzeko, and most recently Asmir Begovic (interestingly both Bosnian footballers !?), Pollard allowed his pride and prejudices to cloud his reason and influence his writing, and in such obvious and transparent way that he became laughing stock across numerous club forums (i.e. Bayern, Inter, Roma, Napoli, even Blue Moon - especially after this particular article). Unfortunately, in Croatia some Internet media gloated on Robs' shit, while in Bosnia uninformed "journalists" lost their heads.
Amazingly, Pollard actually turned some City fans, who by the way already abandoned Edin, against himself, that's how obvious and unreasonable his bias and open contempt for Edin Dzeko is. Even many of those fans who would say that Edins' time in City is up, can't agree with Pollard ramblings, simply because most of these guys never felt same grudge against Edin, and they simply trying to be objective as possible.
On top of that every truly devoted City fan knows that all three most important moments in clubs' last 40 years came as a result of Edin Dzekos' goals - first against Notts' in dying moments for the FA Cup, the first trophy in 40 years; second against Blackburn, again in dying moments of the last week for the victory and the first ever Champions League in clubs history; and third and probably most important goal against QPR for the title - yeah, no one lives of old glory and history, some of his lot would say, and of course they would be venomous and wrong again, because this is kind of glory which remains in history, and Rob Pollard is unable to show at least a bit of objectivity, let alone amount of respect Edin deserved. Quite a City fan this Rob !
He will keep celebrating Negredo, who managed to score couple more goals than benched Edin, despite all that "blossoming" partnership with Aguero..., but we know how bad is Edins' "first touch" so that only some 80-90% of goals Edin ever scored, with rate and accuracy even Messi wouldn't be ashamed, came from that flawed first touch of his ! The same first touch from yesterday and his second goal. Oh but that first touch isn't that "first touch" ?! He's no analyst, his writing is fit for tabloid mythmaking, not for column !

English "love" of Bosnia(ns)

A rare place in the world which was completely out of reach for Bosnian refugees during the Bosnian War was England (UK). Those allowed to enter UK were mostly some "special" cases, like horribly injured and in needing special medical treatment. Just few made to UK on their own, as refugees from the Bosnia burned by Serbian aggression, while UK political stance was pretty much clear if you knew how to look at it - Major and his party sided with Milosevic, while explaining their position with some amazingly ridiculous and transparent apologia. So, you could find four friends in London, one Serb, one Muslim, and two Croats brothers, all from the same neighborhood in Sarajevo, and all with completely different sets of papers for staying in UK (visas, etc.) - Serb friend could work and extend his permits and all papers at will, and soon enough he could apply for passport and even full citizenship (which he holds today), Muslim friend could only wait for the war to end on most basic papers, so that government could throw him out as soon as war ends, Croats brothers held Croatian citizenship and passports so they could extend their visas accordingly, but couldn't apply for passport, etc. They are close friends, born and raised in Sarajevo, few blocks from each other, and they came to UK with same Bosnia papers.
But maybe the most famous case of "English love of Bosnians", after Lord Ovens' political activities during the war and if we skip case of Bosnia ex-vice-president Ejup Ganić arrest on Heathrow airport, comes in shape and form of Sanela Diana Jenkins, born Sanela Čatić. Her case was high profile, with lot of public attention, and in that regard it bears many similarities with Edins', but I believe this is enough background for this odd attitude toward Bosnians in England, so I am leaving you with a link to article about her incredible story, and with ultimately competent person to make an overview and give you insight, Dr Marko Attila Hoare, English historian - article is on his own blog HERE > "Sanela Diana Jenkins, misogyny and anti-Balkan racism". Also you should take a look at this article about book, and the book "Unfinest Hour: Britain and the Destruction of Bosnia", on British media and politics toward Bosnia since 1990.

Fuck Pollard

Edin recently celebrated his 50th goal for Man City
Gosh, it's hard to avoid being trapped in generalization and stereotyping ! This means - of course not every writer, reporter or columnist in England look at Edin Dzeko through his/her prejudices and bias, most are as objective as possible, and look at Edin in a way he deserves, however don't expect to find these guys in English tabloid media (press or Internet) too often, and in large numbers. But in all this cacophony of bashing and slandering best Bosnian and one of the best strikers in Europe and world, one can find and read some positive stuff on him as well. Not too often, but often enough, positive articles pop-up and they are certainly quite reasonable and insightful, without poison of personal feelings and prejudices like in case of "infamous" Pollard. For every two, three negative there is one positive report on Edins' contribution to Man City and football in general. Here's yesterday, for example, John Wragg of thinks that Edin deserves more football in Pellegrinis' team, not to mention more respect from manager, clubs' hierarchy, supporters and media, and that he showed that last night, again.

Humble, modest, ultimate team-player !

"Against Leicester he made two assists and I wanted to try to make an assist for him but I didn't have a chance."
In this statement Edin was talking about James Milner, my favorite English footballer after Steven Gerrard, who assisted him at both occasions in last night Capital One game, when Edin scored two great goals.
Dzekos' second was worthy of Ronaldinhos' goal for Barcelona vs. Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in 2005 Champions League.

Edin Dzeko amazing second goal vs. Leicester City

Unfinest Hour: Britain and the Destruction of Bosnia - See more at:



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